North Idaho Mom photography is rather new in the last few years and one of my favorite hobbies. I started taking photos when I was in middle school when one of my older cousins introduced me to her camera. My junior year of high school I saved up some money from my after school job and bought a Cannon camera. I originally bought it to take with me on my trip to Hawaii so that I could take pictures of one of my favorites places to be. I quickly became fascinated with photography and the creativity behind it. Since then, I do photography on the side mostly for friends and family, such as graduation, senior photos, automotive photoshoots, weddings, and prom. My absolute favorite photography is landscapes and nature, especially the beach and the forest. While fostering my love of photography, I also get to be in my Zen getting grounded. I hope you find these photos grounding for you, here at North Idaho Mom photography.

Priest Lake, ID
The Island

Spent two weeks this July camping on Kalispell Island in Priest Lake, Idaho. I was 33-34 weeks pregnant, it was blissful and miserable at the same time, just because I was so pregnant. We love this magical place and it is definitely worth visiting!

Walking Trail
Evening Walk on the Palouse

I love our evening walks on the trail just down from our house. Of course, we don’t get a walk in every evening, but it feels so great when we do. Exercise is an amazing way to release at the end of a full day.

Tillamook Cheese Factory
Oregon Road trip

Stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory on our way home from the Oregon Coast, so great to learn how the cheese we eat is made.

Cricket playing in the snow last December. She loved it!

Odessa, WA
Moscow Food Co-op
Breakfast Date

Enjoyed a delicious breakfast with my husband at our local co-op last Saturday. Love to eat and shop here.

My Home
Morning Coffee

Love my iced coffee in the mornings! Thought I would try out a different creamer, and it is so creamy and gives your tastebuds a reason to dance. Costco, my friends, is where you can get this amazing creamer.

Colorado River Fort Mohave, AZ
Daily Dog Play

Captured this amazing sky as the sun went down on the river where we take our dog to play everyday.

Colorado River, AZ