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Hello! This is my story. My name is Molly and I am North Idaho Mom. I started North Idaho Mom to create a space for myself and others to share experiences, products, ideas, and recipes. North Idaho Mom is also here to give advice to help each other out, and maintain some perspective to all those real life moments that happen for us. I decided to become a mom last December. We’d been trying to get pregnant for a few months and I started to think it was going to take awhile and just not happen. Little did I know what I was in for. Yeah, you know that being a parent is going to be hard and being pregnant is uncomfortable. Nobody tells you about the nitty gritty stuff though.

Depression hit me at about six weeks pregnant and pretty much lasted my entire pregnancy. Starting this blog really gave me some hope and something to look forward to, during that time. Now that I am out of the constant depression, living life with my beautiful daughter, my passion is to give moms, some encouragement.

You can pull up North Idaho Mom to help you gain some perspective. Or to know that you are not alone in this. There are so many moms I have talked to who say that pregnancy was awful and they weren’t glowing or happy or any of the shit you see on TV or read about. I try my hardest to live in the present, speak up and be real about all things, and live passionately. Do I live this way one hundred percent of the time, god no, who does? We can’t be perfect all the time.

My Story – Childhood & Divorce

Back tracking a little in my story, I grew up in North Idaho on a family owned cattle ranch. My parents divorced when I was in 7th grade and me and siblings world fell apart. My parents were on opposite ends of the planet mentally, and none of us knew how to function.

I became the steady for my younger siblings that year and took on the parent role to stay afloat. About three years later I decided I was done taking everybody’s shit. I was done making sure everyone was happy and functioning.

Once I decided I was done filling everyone’s head with bullshit that wasn’t true I started speaking my truth. I started standing up to my step dad and telling him my real feelings so that we could actually have a real relationship in life. Also, I stopped enabling my real dad, and I started living my life. I started growing into who I am as my own person.

This is when I realized that I want to share this perspective with the world! I wish everyone to find themselves and speak their truth; love yourself.

My Story – High School & College

Next chapter of my story, I went through high school, had my fair share of fucking up, finding myself, and maturing. I met an amazing man, and we got to grow up together and figure each other out. Knowing I was not quite ready to commit to him yet though, I still had some growing up to do on my own. I graduated high school and went to California to play softball at a community college.

This was the first time I was alone with no family, no friends, no boyfriend, nothing. I crashed and burned, hard. Learning so many good lessons I grew up like nobody’s business. I fell so hard that I had nothing left, so I came home and my parents helped me get back on my feet, I reconnected with that amazing man who is now my husband. We had the most amazing wedding in the woods, you can read my blog post on our wedding to get the details.

I went to college for a couple years to be a teacher and gained so much experience and culture, but I realized I did not want to support the public school system. So I quit school, worked a desk job for about ten months and then my husband and I started this new journey of wanting to have a child. Our whole lives have changed, leading us on my new story of being a mother and blogger.

What defines me and my story?

  • Being a mom, daughter, wife, and sister.
  • I love to teach character development and work on myself every day
  • Cooking and baking are a couple of my passions; I love creating my own recipes.
  • Being honest with myself and others about life and its expectations.
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