Vacation to Mexico

Sandy beaches, that warm you from the inside out. Red, white, and green, all around. Delicious food that preserves its culture just by the smell. Puerto Penasco Mexico was an excellent family vacation!

The last three weeks have been a long journey for my family and I. We cruised down to Mexico for a week which was so nice to relax and get some perspective. I’ll be honest that was my first real vacation since having a baby and it’s just not quite as relaxing as vacations use to be. That being said I totally loved showing my daughter the beach! She got a new tooth while we were down there, which was a little nightmarish, but we made it through it. My husband picked out a super great Airbnb for all of us (we went with my inlaws). I do have to say as long as you come fully prepared Airbnb is the way to go, I really love it.

The most profound thing I did when we were there, was we paid for everything in pesos. I have never paid for anything in a different currency before. It was really eye opening to figure out how many pesos are equal to the US dollar, and the different customs that came along with paying in pesos.

Another interesting thing to see was all of the spring breakers. It was fun to people watch. I found it curious to realize how different young college kids partying it up in Mexico is versus young families on a vacation. While we were there, Grandma got the baby one night at home and a few of us went out to a beach club to see what it was all about. Although it was a very cool place, it just reminds me how much the bar/club party scene isn’t our thing anymore. It was a nice reminder that I’m so thankful for what me and my husband have created, and how our family has grown.

Of course we had some days at the beach! Cricket absolutely loved the beach and chasing all the birds. Spending time at the beach in Mexico was fulfilling and peaceful. It gives you such a clear mindset, and that is so relieving. It happened at the most perfect time.

On the last day of our vacation we drove to the town of Los Algodones, Mexico. We saw these beautiful paintings while walking the streets. The metal was already cut out in its shape. The artist painted the picture below onto the metal Idaho in about thirty minutes! It is amazing work. The techniques used were mind blowing and the painting came out exceptional. Be sure to check out the video too! (I did not catch the whole thing on video, but it is pretty cool to watch.)

Ending our vacation in Mexico started a whole transition for our life. The journey back to Idahome…

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