The Power of the Placenta

Before I gave birth I was broadened by the idea of consuming the placenta. As you can imagine, I was not enthralled with this idea. I thought about it from time to time, with my mind already made up that it wasn’t going to happen. As pregnancy went on I kept hearing stories of women who had done it and it still sounded a little bit much for me. I did some research and found that the placenta has so many benefits! The power of the placenta did give my baby life for over nine months. I finally decided that I would do it, and here is why. 

Postpartum depression

My whole pregnancy I was depressed. I had heard of postpartum depression, but never depression during pregnancy. The time leading up to birth I was so worried that I would have postpartum depression, and I so badly did not want to try and deal with that while taking care of a newborn. I wanted to enjoy that special time with my baby and husband, and be present, take in the new feel of being a mother. Ever since I learned about consuming the placenta I thought it was purely for the physical nutrients for the baby. To my surprise I found out that it can help with postpartum depression. That was when I knew I needed to try this, mind over matter. I could do it, for that little being kicking around inside of me. 

The process

So, I found a local connection and dove into what the process would look like. After the baby was born, and the placenta was pushed out of me, the doctor put it into a bucket with a lid. I never had to see it, as I requested. I had someone take care of the process for me, so I did not have to associate consuming it with an indigestible picture. It was kept in the freezer and it got picked up a week later to be dried, ground into powder, and put into capsules. This way it was just like taking a vitamin, and there was pretty much no taste. I still take them every morning, and my little one is six months old now. 

During this process, I met an amazing individual, who inspires and has the soul of a goddess. She is the reason I was able to go through postpartum healing my mind and body quickly. The power of the placenta is like no other, it gives the power of life. Let it help heal you in a vulnerable time. 

About the process

1. Find someone in your community who can talk with you about how they do it, what the process will look like, and the benefits of it. Also, let them know your wishes and which variation you would like your placenta to be. 

  • Capsules
  • Tinctures
  • Added to a smoothie
  • Cooked/steamed

2. Make sure it’s in your birth plan that you want to save the placenta, as well as you talk about it with whoever will be delivering your baby and anyone else that will be at your birth. 

3. Keep the placenta in the freezer until it is prepared.

4. Once it is prepared safely and properly, consume it however you desire. (If doing capsules you can take 2 or 3 a day, until they are gone). 

    *If you aren’t so sure about consuming your placenta I would recommend doing capsules, because you can’t taste it hardly, and it looks completely different from how it looks when it comes out of your body. 

    The Power of the Placenta

    The power of the placenta is amazing, it will provide you and your baby with so many nutrients, help with postpartum depression, and help your new little one steer clear of illness. Give yourself and your baby the power of the placenta.   

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