8 Ways to Promote Self Care

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1. Home Spa Day

This is some self care I love to do on a Sunday morning after a long week. Take a nice hot bath, with a few drops of your favorite essential oil and some Epsom salt. Maybe you shave your legs, rub some coconut oil on your body or your favorite lotion. I personally love face masks! You can make one with a couple tablespoons of honey, 1 tablespoon of baking soda, and 1 tablespoon of lemon juice. Leave it on for 15 to 20 minutes, then rinse it off. Lastly, give yourself a mani-pedi for a little shine. This is a great way to give yourself some love and promote self care. Take a minute to feel confident in your body.

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2. Do an activity you love!

What is your favorite hobby? Drawing, cooking, ice skating, or maybe fishing. Whatever it may be, take part in it today. Indulge in your hobby as a fun way to give yourself some appreciation. It’s also an excellent way to take a step back from everyday life and just smile.

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3. Guided Meditation

Find a YouTube video, meditation app, or streaming service to help you get into a Zen state. I use Gaia, and it is amazing. This can just be a quick 5 to 10 minute light meditation to ease your mind and body. It helps your mind to reset if there is stress or anxiousness present. If you’re feeling physical pain, this can be a great way to release some of that tension in your body.

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4. Taking a nap

Sometimes you just need some good ol’ sleep to refresh yourself. Even if you only have 15 minutes, try just closing your eyes and resting. Don’t forget to set a timer or alarm in case you do fall asleep.

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5. Journaling

Journaling is an excellent source of self care. It allows you to reflect upon yourself, a certain situation, or a specific day. Writing can be a really great coping mechanism and release for life’s difficult adventures.

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6. Deep meditation

Providing yourself with a focused, longer meditation is a powerful way to start or end your day. This also allows for some self reflection. More importantly, it can allow you to dig deep inside yourself to observe your stress, anxiety, or fear if you let it. As well as, it clears your mind and loosens your body. Deep meditation can be a very powerful tool to use as self care. Do remember it usually takes some time to get good at this kind of meditation, but it is amazing once you become sufficient at it.

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7. Hot Tubbing!

If you’ve ever been in a hot tub, you know how relaxing it is. Turn on those jets baby, and let yourself relax like never before. This is one of my personal favorites! As someone who always has tight muscles, pinched nerves, and an aching back, I’m telling you a hot tub is the way to go.

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8. Exercise

You might be puzzled by this one, as for some this is a chore and for others this might be your safe haven. Running, yoga, cross fit, etc. gives your body pleasure, releasing endorphins, leaving you feeling energized and strong.

Promoting self care is important

Self care is easier said than done, for sure. If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed promote self care by telling yourself “Just five minutes”. That five minutes will be the best part of your whole day. Take the time to give your body and mind what it needs. Human beings are not meant to neglect the spiritual or physical needs of our bodies. Join the self care challenge!

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