Teething Tricks for Babies 

We are in the heat of teething at my house right now, and it’s been quite the showdown for all of us. So here are some tricks for teething babies! I did some research, and reached out to moms I know and got some good ideas to help my daughter with teething. Some of these ideas were things I just tried to see if she would like it. Others I got from friends and family.

I do use infant Tylenol at night sometimes so that we can all get some sleep. Don’t feel guilty or ashamed if infant pain reliever is an option you want to use too. It’s totally reasonable, sometimes you just need it to stay sane.

Teething can be super difficult for parents and babies. While I totally believe in homeopathic remedies, and giving my baby what’s natural to the earth, I also understand needing a break from the screaming, and constantly having to wake up in the night to soothe their gums. Sometimes they need a break from it too. At first I felt guilty, and I did not want other moms to judge me. I realized I do what is good for us. If that is giving my daughter Tylenol occasionally so she’s not miserable, and I’m not miserable, that is okay. If that is something you may be wanting to do as well, I would just research it first to make sure you know all the facts of the infant pain reliever.  

 For all of the teethers I use, I got all of my teethers from Target and amazon. They work great! So if you have a teething baby by all means adopt these ideas, whatever helps!

1. Frozen Washcloth

Take a small washcloth, get it wet, and roll it up and stick it in the freezer. Once it’s frozen take it out and let your little one chew on it.

2. Frozen teether with handles


Here is an excellent teething trick for babies. It’s a teether you freeze and then stick it inside a little silicone handle, so your baby’s hands don’t get cold. I got this one at target. (I would recommend letting the teether thaw for a minute so it’s not too hard on their gums.)

Buy it here!

3. Mesh teethers with frozen fruit

Put a piece of frozen fruit into the mesh teether and let them chew/suck on it. This is also a purchase of Target. (It’s kind of messy, but my daughter loves it!)

Buy it here!

4. Sucking on fingers

Letting my daughter suck on my pinky finger helps calm her down. Soft part pointing up, so it is touching the roof of their mouth. Nail side down on their tongue. (I usually do it if we’re riding in the car.)

5. Spatula

Take the handle off of a spatula and let them chew on the silicone part. (This is my daughter’s absolute favorite thing right now!)

6. Nuby zebra teether

Small zebra silicone teether, we attached it to the pacifier strap that clips onto the shirt, so she always has something right away to chew on. (This is great for babies with smaller mouths that can’t fit big teethers.)

Buy it here!

Having these teething tricks for babies can be really helpful if you’re flustered with a screaming baby. Teething babies are having just as hard of a time with it as the parents. In fact it might be a little bit harder for them than it is for us. For sure having all sorts of options to pull out of your back pocket is key for teething. I always have something ready for my daughter when she starts showing signs of agony. Cold and frozen items are useful, but keep in mind it may take your babe a little bit to get used to the cold. They may not like it at first.

Silicone or wood is a great teether! I always test the teethers out or things I give to her to chew on, before giving it to her to make sure it’s not too hard or too soft. There are also usually many things around the house that can be used for teethers as well, if you don’t want to go buy some. If you’ve exhausted all teething ideas, and your little one is just not having it, an infant pain reliever can also be used.

Now you have some new teething tricks for babies, test it out and see how your little one likes them. Comment below if you know of any other good teething tricks!