Let Me Run

Let me run… I want to feel the sweat as it runs down my cheeks, and the salt burning my eyes. I want to feel it run down my breasts and soak into my bra as I gasp for air. Feeling the power of my legs, pushing. Smashing down onto the concrete; my ankles and feet, bracing my whole body. My legs, so tight they might snap at any moment. I keep going, not knowing what’s in front of me, not caring where I end up. I push harder, faster, more. Show me my strength to breathe, to have willpower, to know my muscles; to trust them to carry me. I finally see myself, strong, powerful, determined, and beautiful. Once I give all of me, I can see who I am; my purpose. So let me run…

The Story of Let Me Run

I wrote this one summer afternoon last year when I was pregnant. Never have feeling this way in my whole life, it was a new experience to not be able to use my body how I wanted to. I love running, it’s my release after a hard day. It’s also my motivation on a great day. Having to sacrifice it for such a long time, meant I had to find a different way to release and be motivated. This was very difficult for me, one because I had never been challenged to finding a new coping mechanism before, and two I began having so much pent up mental energy.

Exercising and feeling my body work hard and sweating is something I look forward to everyday. When that was taken away from me, I realized how powerful my body is and all of the things it endures. Many things happened for me while being pregnant, but one of the most lifechanging was this day. The day I couldn’t thank my body enough for letting me run, walk, climb, swim, and sweat.

From that day forward I learned to love all aspects of my physical body, and to fully trust my body when I put it to the test. The human body is an amazing work of art. Trust your body and let it guide you through all physical aspects of your life.

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