Show Up for You Today

Recently, I haven’t been motivated or driven. I have been tackling the idea of what do I want to do in my life. I thought being a mom would be it. Being a mom is amazing, but it isn’t everything for me. I have been trying to figure out what I am passionate about. If you know me, I love a lot of things and I like to do a lot of things. So far, I have not found that one thing that makes me tick. I want to find that thing that I lose track of time for. Or that thing that never makes me feel like I am working. After getting a swift kick in the ass over the phone from my mother, I decided to show up for me today.

Show Up for You?

What the hell is showing up for you even mean? Well, it might mean something a little bit different for each person. For me showing up means putting real clothes on. Maybe putting on a little makeup, and putting a cute outfit on my daughter for the day. It also looks like, eating breakfast, and moving forward with at least one aspect of my life. Today that is applying for some jobs, and writing this blog post. Maybe one other person this reaches is inspired with me to show up for them today.

As I was putting my makeup on in the mirror this morning, I looked at myself and said “show up for you today” and I said it a couple more times with sincerity. Whatever it may be for you, show up today for yourself. Maybe your life is fantastic right now, still do one thing to show up for you today. Something that makes just you, feel a little bit better about the day.

Showing up for me today helped me feel a little bit more beautiful and confident in myself and know where I am going in my life.

What did showing up do for you?